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Our department is happy to host students with different study backgrounds and interests, from librarianship and information science to service design, data analytics, and educational technology.

English courses at KISK

The Department of Information and Library Studies focuses on an interdisciplinary approach to the field of information science.

The focus of the teaching of international students is on topics related to information literacy issues (Process and Tools of Data Visualization, Disinformation Pandemic: How to Fight It, Literature review as a reserch method) and technology in education (MOOC: learning online, Creativity learning and information literacy), especially concerning work in immersive collaborative virtual reality (VR in Humanities, VR Research Project). This connection will allow students to gain practical experience, develop the necessary competencies for working with technology in education and strengthen their research skills. We are looking for ways to think about classical topics in new ways and to implement new technologies (Design as a source of innovation: from theory to facilitation, Data science lab) in education, memory institutions and the knowledge economy.

However, incoming students can draw on the university's wide range of courses to pursue their educational goals.


Are you thinking about going to KISK for your ERASMUS+ mobility?

Get in touch with Tomáš Marek, incoming mobility coordinator at KISK.


tel: +420 725 594 879

Universities we cooperate with:

  • Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey
  • Tallinn University, Estonia
  • OsloMet, Norway
  • University of Pésc, Hungary

Who will teach you: 

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RNDr. Michal Černý, Ph.D.

Michal Černý focuses on digital competences, information literacy, philosophical aspects of learning and working with information, online courses, as well as specific didactic applications. He is a researcher of learning in iVR and guarantor of projects related to online courses. He is deputy head of the department for educational activities.

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PhDr. Petr Škyřík, Ph.D.

Petr Škyřík, an information scientist and manager, specializes in creative and cultural industries with a focus on libraries. He is he head of a department of Information and Library science.

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PhDr. Ladislava Zbiejczuk Suchá, Ph.D.

Ladislava Zbiejczuk Suchá specializes in design thinking, particularly in digital reading and UX design. Her focus lies in applying design thinking principles to enhance digital reading experiences and create user-centered designs.

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Mgr. Alžběta Šašinková, Ph.D.

Alžběta Šašinková is a psychologist specializing in the psychological aspects of working in Virtual Reality (VR). Her focus includes didactics of English language instruction within VR environments.

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Doc. Mgr. Čeněk Šašinka, Ph.D.

Čeněk Šašinka brings opportunities for utilizing immersive Virtual Reality (iVR) and eye-tracking in educational technology (EdTech). He leads an interdisciplinary research group focusing on virtual reality in education, particularly in English language learning and cartography. His interests also encompass methodology and experimental research designs.

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Mgr. Roman Sellner Novotný

Roman Sellner Novotný specializes in transition design and social innovations in libraries. He primarily works on design theory and practice at KISK. His Ph.D. pursuits focus on practical applications, such as developing field social work applications, training librarians, and creating Libdesign design methodology cards

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PhDr. Pavla Vizváry, Ph.D. LL.M.

Pavla Vizváry specializes in information and digital literacy, focusing on academic library contexts. Her expertise extends to information and copyright literacy, emphasizing ethical information use. Additionally, she is proficient in ensuring information security and is recognized as an Information Scientist."

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Mgr. Tomáš Marek

Tomas Marek is an Information Scientist with a keen focus on data visualization, data literacy, and data analytics. His proficiency encompasses the retrieval and analysis of information, especially in the context of utilizing data visualization techniques.

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Mgr. Veronika Batelková

Veronika Batelková works as an external lecturer at KISK, focusing on the methodology of education in the field of media and information literacy, specifically on working with disinformation. She leads the organization Zvol si info, which educates the public about information literacy.

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Mgr. Natálie Káčová

Natálie Káčová is an information scientist and sociologist. She specializes in topics related to social exclusion, libraries, and AI in public services. With extensive experience as a researcher in Virtual Reality (VR), she focuses on exploring VR's implications in societal contexts and public services

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Mgr. David Košatka

David Košatka, a social pedagogue, focuses on enhancing competencies, particularly among educators, in Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

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