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Conference was focused on transition design, which focuses on complex issues of today's and tomorrow's world such as climate change, migration and social inequalities. It was held on May 6-7 2022 in Prague.

The first day was dedicated to presentations and formal and informal discussions. It was followed by practical workshops on the second day. Guests from universities, research institutions and design agencies from the Czechia, Norway, the UK and USA shared their experiences.


Terry Irwin

She is Director of the Transition Design Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Along with Gideon Kossoff and Cameron Tonkinwise, she developed a new area of design study, practice and research Transition Design. In 2014, she integrated it into curricula at the School of Design.

Dan Lockton

Currently he is an assistant professor in TU Eindhoven's Future Everyday group, Department of Industrial Design, with climate futures and design research methods as his focus. He also runs the Imaginaries Lab, an independent research-through-design studio.

Alma Leora Culén

She is a professor at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, she also teaches there. Her research are focusing on interaction and transition design, focusing on complex entanglements of digital technologies, everyday life, and creation of sustainable lifestyles.

Amela Karahasanovic

She is a Chief Scientist at SINTEF and an Associate Professor at Department of Informatics, University of Oslo. Her expertise is in the area of human-computer interaction, innovation and transition design. She has a broad experience with research projects and published more than 70 peer reviewed publications and conference proceedings.

Kate Milosavljevic

Anthropologist working at the intersection of science and technology studies, life-long learning, and sustainability. Some of her research fields have concerned industrial beekeepers and manufactured landscapes, the Anthropocene and future-care technologies. Currently she is an associate professor at OsloMet.

Nick Stevens

He has worked as a practicing designer for over 20 years. He works and teaches across the fields of Product and Interaction design. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Oslo exploring ways of designing and producing more sustainable, local, and bespoke physical-digital objects increase civic engagement.

Klára Peloušková

Methodologist and lecturer at the Dept. of Design and the Dept. of Theory and History of Art at UMPRUM. She also pursues her PhD there. Her research focuses on contemporary design theory and methodology with an emphasis on sustainability and civilizational transformation.

Tereza Navarová

Designer and researcher at the Brno-based studio House of Řezáč. She transfers her experience from the private sector to the public administration as well as to non-profit and grassroot organizations. She believes in design as a tool for positive social-ecological change.

Matěj Malecha

A design practitioner who fancies a critical view of design practice and business in general, being influenced by his studies of philosophy of technology at Charles University where he graduated from New Media Studies. He works as a designer at agency Pábení.


On Friday, presentations were divided into three panels and discussions. Saturday was be dedicated to workshops. The entire programme was held in English and took place in prostor39 at Řehořova 33/39, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov.

Friday, May 6





Opening remarks

Transition Design, Politics and Radical Design Theory


Dan Lockton
Design and Imagination in Climate Futuring


Terry Irwin
Transition Design: Design for Systems-Level Change
This talk will be online.


Klára Peloušková
Designing a Transition: On the Political Multivalence of Change


lunch break

Transition Design and Education

Transition Design in Practice


Matěj Malecha
Barriers to Designing a Meaningful Change on Commercial Projects


Amela Karahasanovic
Technology for a Better Society


Tereza Navarová
Connecting Design and the Fight Against Climate Change: Klimavize Case Study


Closing remarks, invitation for Satuday's workshops

Saturday, May 7



Exploring Differences between Traditional versus Transition Design Postures

During the workshop, the participants will use role playing in order to articulate the differences between a Transition Design approach to a task and a user centered approach which they might be more familiar with. As they will be considering and uncovering these differences themselves, the results are intended to be relevant and relatable. This process and subsequent reflection also helps to give participants an insight into their own mindset, another significant aspect of the Transition Design framework.

Workshop will be led by Alma Leora Culén and Nick Stevens.


Exploring Imaginaries and Metaphors for Climate Futures

In this workshop we'll try out some practical methods for exploring how we imagine our own lives in the future, in an age of societal transitions and climate crisis, building on work from projects including IMAGINE and Playing With The Trouble.

Workshop will be led by Dan Lockton.


Joint discussion and closing remarks

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