Czech Radio

At a time when taking video has become simple (smartphone cameras, cheaper and more available internet), there have been significant speculations on whether radio can survive at all. Who will listen to the radio when people can just watch videos? Time has passed, radio has advanced, and we once again see that it still holds its place. We might even dare to say that Czech Radio is experiencing a new boom.  


Czech Radio currently has 25 stations. You’re likely to be most interested in the following:  

  • Radio Wave – broadcasts for young people,  
  • Plus – a non-stop source of news,  
  • Radiožurnál – reports, interviews and commentaries,  
  • Dvojka– all types of programs,  
  • Vltava – culture including music, literature, drama or publishing.  
  • Rádio Junior – broadcasts for children,  
  • And others…  


Every station has its own programs. On Radio Wave, you can listen to a girl-talk program likeBuchty, a travel magazine like Casablanka, or The Virtual Worlds of James Cole on computer games. The best films are discussed on Čelisti, electronic music artists can be heard on Echo Jardy Petříka, Fenomem follows memes and viral videos, Hergot! provides an unorthodox view of religion, and in Modeschau you’ll find what’s hot in the fashion industry. Otevřené hlavy will acquaint you with intellectuals from around the world, and Ucho will tune you in to the borderline between politics and new media. Phew! And we’re still only through a third of just one station.  

You can find great programs throughout the whole station. For example Reflections: History / Philosophy deals with reflecting cultural phenomena, ArtCafé serves up the current menu of Czech cultural events, Budoucnost R pulls back the veil from technologies, Fateful Women present – well, fateful women, and the World of Poetry provides a regular dose of Czech and foreign-language rhymes.  


Czech Radio has also embarked on podcasts, so you can listen to your favorite programs in a podcast app (Spotify, Google podcasts and others). If we were to list a few we like, we’d definitely include Vinohradská 12, which takes on one topic in depth every day. If you listen to it for 15 minutes a day, you won’t be “out of the loop” socially. Others include Dataři, who are guys who like to talk about topics in regard to numbers, be it the climate crisis or grants.  


If we’re talking about Czech Radio, we shouldn’t forget its news server. In addition to high-quality journalism, we should also mention its great website, where you’ll find things you’re interested in. iRozhlas is linked with the radio, so you can switch from reading news to listening to the audio embedded directly into the articles.  

můj Rozhlas 

Another “homerun” is the new můj Rozhlas mobile application. In it, you can listen to live broadcasts and also subscribe to your favorite programs so you won’t miss them.  

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