Digital development portfolio

A development portfolio is a collection of certain tasks that you fulfill on your way towards a certain goal – improving your reading in English, learning the basics of programming, honing your YouTube skills, or mastering 20th century history. A development portfolio is like a regular blog about your studies. What’s it good for?  

  • You’re recording your progress.  
  • You can reflect on one step, but also on a whole semester or school year.  
  • Work doesn’t get “lost in your drawer”.  
  • Your teachers and classmates, who are helping you in your development by providing feedback, can look at your blog.  
  • You can be an inspiration to your peers.  

Příklad rozvojového portfolia studenta KISKu. Zdroj: Eclectic Student Autor screenshotu: KISK.

Příklad prezentačního portfolia studenta KISKu. Zdroj: Eclectic Guy. Autor screenshotu: KISK.

How should you manage your development portfolio? 

  • Set up a portfolio according to one of the manuals.  
  • To start, write down several current learning goals or fields either in school or outside it.  
  • Describe your goals in the given areas in a blog post.  
  • Continually record your results – write about them, reflect on them, add a screenshot or a photo – anything can help you take down your activity.  
  • Add a brief self-evaluation of the activity. 
  • Ask for feedback and think about how to go forward.  
  • Follow the portfolios or profiles of your peers, teachers or professionals in your field.  
  • Create a ritual of greater reflection – for example, go through your individual posts every quarter or half-quarter, follow how far you’ve come and plan where you see yourself in the future.  
  • You can use your development portfolio for yourself, but also in school if you agree to do so with your teacher. We see a portfolio as technology that can greatly transform learning – despite the general idea of isolated people with digital devices in their hands, they’re actually what connect us and allow to learn from each other socially.  

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