Technology in Education at KISK

Education is a key activity for advancement of information society.

The advent of information and communication technologies and the opportunities opened up by their development have also sparked a revolution in education. There is an array of alternative approaches emerging in this field; the space for self-education is opening up; education is being commercialized and at the same time we have seen further developments in recognition of non-formal and informal education. 

The rapid growth of new technological trends goes hand in hand with the need to open up access to education, monitor the quality of technology-aided courses and modify them on the basis of analysed data about the effectiveness of education, and adjust new media and technologies to the existing and new methods of teaching. 

KISK has a long-standing interest in information education in the Czech Republic. There is a host of activities on the agenda of the CEINVE project that facilitate the development of information education in the Czech Republic,  for instance the e-learning Information Literacy Course, as one of the crucial project outputs. 

Designing new tools and the educational process as such requires sophisticated working methods and knowledge of the major trends in education, as well as the ability to explain their impact on the field of education informatics. This creates an opportunity for specialists – intermediaries – skilful at designing the educational process, facilitating teachers’ job and increasing the effectiveness of the entire educational process to step in and show their abilities.

You can gain knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in this field by studying the specialization Technology in Education, available as a follow-up Master’s degree programme.