Information Science at KISK

Science about representation, presentation and reception of information.

Information science is an interdisciplinary field connecting humanistic, social and informatics studies with information as a phenomenon. Its central theme is interaction of people with information using technology.

In contemporary society, information plays the role of a marketable commodity. Information work, data processing and information management are highly-valued skills that will allow the graduates to succeed on the job market both in the non-commercial sector and in business or in commercial companies.

We connect knowledge from the humanities and social sciences with that from informatics and engineering fields. The broad scope of the field offers interesting topics for students with a wide range of interests. As a field oriented on playing a servicing and intermediary role, it reflects the latest developments in data processing and intermediation, information and knowledge with focus on the Internet, electronic data bases and memory institutions.

We promote a user-oriented perspective, are interested in the trends in the field of designing information and communication technologies, their interfaces and services facilitating advancement of information and knowledge society.