Information Literacy at KISK

Information education is a path to information literacy, an indispensable part of a quality life in the 21st century.

A person who is information literate and educated should have the skills that will enable them to recognize and define their information need and find and evaluate the information needed. Part of this is knowing how to use the information for further education, how to learn, and being able to decide and solve a task or a problem.

Everyone should have these skills, in proportion to their age and education – and that is why we place great emphasis on lifelong learning. 

Information literacy contains or is linked with a wide range of other literacies, including functional, media, computer or digital literacy. In connection with the massive rise in the use of information and communication technologies, the necessity to be able to use these technologies efficiently comes to the forefront and one of the ways to achieve this is utilizing the tools of information education.

There is a host of projects concerned with this domain, both completed and current, at KISK.

One of the first ones was the NAKLIV project (National Cluster of Information Education), which was undertaken within the EU funds in the years 2009–2012. This project was focused on educating librarians in the field of information literacy, with emphasis on development of their competence to prepare and deliver high-quality lessons for users of their libraries.

As a follow-up, the CEINVE project (Centre of Information Education at Masaryk University) was launched. Just like the NAKLIV project, it is also aimed at promoting information literacy, but the target group is different – its primary focus is not on librarians, but on university students. The main activities of the CEINVE project are:

  • provision of university-wide e-learning courses (Information Literacy Course, Creative Work with Information, Introduction to Critical Thinking)
  • preparation of a number of seminars, workshops and webinars in cooperation with faculty libraries (seminars for doctoral students and academic staff, teacher education)

An important activity of KISK in the field of information education is organizing the  National Seminar of Information Education — an event aimed at educating, inspiring and connecting those interested in the issues of information education in libraries.