Division of Information and Library Studies

The Division of Information and Library Studies (KISK) is a young academic unit at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, specializing in the study of the relationships between humans, technologies and information.  We are committed to project methods of teaching and promote integration of theory with practice.


Sabina Kubisová
phone 549 493 116


Division of Information and Library Studies

Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
Arne Novaka 1
602 00 Brno


The field Information and Library Studies can be studied at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, in three study programmes: 3-year Bachelor’s degree, 2-year follow-up Master's degree and lifelong learning programme, available both as full-time and combined studies.

There are about 400 students studying at KISK. The field is conceived as transdisciplinary studies with links to the Faculty of Informatics (FI) and the Faculty of Social Studies (FSS) of Masaryk University. This ensures interdisciplinarity of the field, comprising aspects of the humanities and social sciences as well as natural sciences. This versatility and also the interconnectedness with modern technology skills offers our graduates excellent employment prospects in a range of fields, both in the commercial and non-commercial sector.

Students in the study programme are encouraged to follow an individual educational path by making their own choice of courses from among selective and optional courses. The student is to a certain extent also able to decide what speed of studies best fits their abilities and schedule. It is also possible to interrupt studies and continue later without any disruption.

In addition to a diploma, graduates will also receive a Diploma Supplement in English, recognized in the whole of Europe and introduced under the auspices of the European Union and UNESCO to ease the position of graduates on the European labour market.


The field of library studies with focus on bibliology was accredited at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in 1992. Library studies were gradually extended to include information science in the conception of prof.  Jiří Cejpek and this conception of studies has been offered as a field of study – 7201T Information and Library Studies – since 2001.